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NYT's Sam Roberts: "You'll be fascinated"

In his New York Times Bookshelf column today Sam Roberts writes: "If you liked the hard-driving Jack Warden character in 'All the President's Men,'  Read More 
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Washington Post: "Re-creates the drama of politics and the press during Washington’s tumultuous 1970s."

In his November 22nd review in The Washington Post, Mark Feldstein writes: "At a time when journalism seeks to reinvent itself, Rosenfeld’s story is a reminder of the need for fearless reporting that pursues the truth no matter where it leads. " Read More 
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"A history lesson on the development... of several influential newspapers."

Nice review in O'Dwyers:

"Former Washington Post Metropolitan Editor Harry Rosenfeld’s new memoir From Kristallnacht to Watergate is an uplifting personal story and a clear-eyed look at the craft and business of journalism... In an era of Twitter and blogs, this book is a history lesson on the development and production of several influential newspapers."  Read More 
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