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Praise for Battling Editor: The Albany Years

"Harry's book is often about tough decisions, and it stands out as a handbook on how to live an ethical life in the news business right now. Is it possible to tell the truth all the time? Sometimes. But this is an instructive narrative—especially today when the truth is such a rare commodity in the White House and Congress, and the financially beleaguered press is itself under threat as an enemy of the people. Harry and his family lived in Nazi Germany and escaped it in 1939. A large part of his subsequent life has been an ongoing war against fascism, racism, and political criminals. This book explains how he waged that war on a daily basis in the newsrooms he managed so well, and for so long."

— from the Foreword by William Kennedy

"Harry Rosenfeld made a choice. He left an exciting job at the Washington Post for the chance to do what so many editors

dream of—become the guy in charge of two vibrant regional newspapers. What fun he had as a boss—being responsible for

stories about local heroes, crooked politicians, and the day-to-day doings of a capital city. There also is a tinge of nostalgia in Harry's memoir, for the kind of local reporting Harry lived for, hasall but disappeared in today's newspaper world. Local coverage has been stripped away in newspaper after newspaper as allare facing dwindling readership and disappearing income."

— Seymour M. Hersh