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Battling Editor, The Albany Years by Harry Rosenfeld

Battling Editor: The Albany Years is the story of one newsman's struggle to get the truest version of the news attainable into the pages of his newspapers in New York, Washington, Albany and Los Angeles. His memoir recounts his work in Albany, heading two newspapers, and illustrates what it took to attain accuracy, quality and consistency, and to focus hard-hitting, critical reporting on the powerful agencies, public and private, that dominate public life. And he did this in the face of increasing existential challenges from a growing digital competitor that eventually seriously undermined the viabilities of the printed press.


This memoir is a second installment, following publication of From Kristallnacht to Watergate which detailed his career at the New York Herald Tribune and The Washington Post, where he directed the daily coverage unearthing the Watergate scandal that forced the resignation of Richard Nixon from the presidency.


In its description of how quality journalism is inculcated and embedded, BATTLING rebuts the peddlers of fake news ALLEGATIONS whose purpose is to destroy the critical free press to prevent it from speaking truth to power. The book is dedicated to all who labor in America's newsrooms and thereby help to guard America's liberty.


Pulitzer Prize winner, novelist and former reporter William Kennedy wrote that the memoir "is often about tough decisions, and stands out as a handbook on how to live an ethical life."

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh said: "the kind of local reporting Harry lived for has all but disappeared…"

You can read all about it and you should.


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